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Facebook Log-in Plug-in Enabled

on Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:34 pm
Hello Everyone! As of today and as of this very moment. The Facebook Log-in Button is now active and Running.

Ive recieved a Complaint that the Log-in using facebook is not working so Ive fixed it... As a Simple guide, here are tips on how to use the Facebook Plug-in properly...


For new users and users that still haven't registered to the Forums... You can easily use the facebook Plug-ins to register easily, without verifying to your email address... just simply click the Register button as shown in the picture below: or simply clicking the Log-in with Facebook Button

Log-in With Facebook

everytime you need to log-in the Forums you can simply just click the Log-in with FB

  • For Existing Users

    - You can Link/Associate your Existing Forum Account and link it with your facebook account to easily access the forums in a snap!
    Simply Go to your Profile >> Preferences >> Associate with Facebook
    as shown below:

    when you have successfully linked your account, you will see a message that says - Your account is linked as shown below:

You can also use the facebook plug-in in a snap in our homepage...

so everytime you go to the forums...

dont forget to click that blue button!..

^^v -Annyeong!!
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