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Forum - Official Grand Launch!

on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:59 pm

Forums – Official Grand Launch
-Hello, great day today , for today we finally release the Official Forums of AdventZ! Today we set loose this wonderful feature, for we will do everything to enrich the forums contents, in inclusion that we will also use this forums to announce the change logs and the developments of AdventZ.

Some overview of important sections and features of the Forums.
- Here in the Bulletin Board, we will post all of the change logs, Announcements, for all regardless of Forums, Games, and etc… The Bulletin Board’s recent posts will be automatically published the in the bulletin board section in the blog.

So please be sure to check everyday in the Bulletin Board for some notices, and added features in AdventZ.

Also, some features of the forums are:
- The Art Section – Where you can be artistic, earn points and reputations and earn badges for your works.
Map: Grand Chase >> Member’s lounge >> Art Section
Sub categories: -Renders
-Fan Arts
Manager: Jov

- The Guild’s Section - Where all Guild supported by AdventZ hangout.
Map: Grand Chase >> Guilds >> Guild Alliance
Manager: Thrmo

- Miscellaneous Section – where you can post anything and everything including off-topic, and concerns.
Map: Grand Chase >> Misc
Sub Categories: - Off Topic
-Feedbacks and Suggetions

- The Member’s Lounge Section - where all members can cooperate with each other, talk about everything Grand Chase Related.
Map: Grand Chase >> Member’s Lounge
Sub-Categories: -Characters
-Art Section
-Fiction Section

Be sure to always check in to the forums and discuss with everyone, earn points, reputations, badges, ranks, join groups, and many more…


- As Part of the Forum’s Official Launch, The “Snail” is lookin for his new Snail minions to help him provide better management in the forums.
So he decided the First 10 members of the forums who will reach the “Veteran” Title without violating any rules of the forums will be set and given the forum rank – “Forum Moderators” where you can have special access to some categories, lock threads, solve topics and etc…


The Veteran Badge
-The Veteran badge can be obtained in the forums by having posted a total of 50+ posts – which includes topics, and replies.

-Ranks have been modified
-Guild Alliance System Implemented
-AdventZ: The Rise of the AdventZ Guild Implemented
-Forums Opened!

Coming Soon…
-Forum Emoticon Revamp

-AdventZ Guild Recruitment event is now closed.
-Z Point Beta Testing Ongoing.

have a Nice day!
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