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AdventZ Guild System

on Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:35 pm
Guild Rules and Regulations

-All members are required to log-in the game at least once every two (2) weeks.
-All members must be Active in the AdventZ Forums

-All members must respect their superiors
-Respect Guild Alliances

-Loyalty to a guild is a priority
Guild Rules are subject to change. It is the member’s responsibility to stay updated with the changes made.

Guild Requirements
-Must be registered in the AdventZ Forums. Register HERE
-Must be a member of the “AdventZ Group in the Forums. Apply HERE
-Must have read the Forum Code and Conduct
-Must have read the Guild Rules and Regulations
Guild Requirements are subject to change.

Guild Recruitment Process FlowChart

STEP 1: Register in the AdventZ Forums
STEP 2: Apply for membership in the “AdventZ Guild” group in the Forums
STEP 3: Read the Forum Code and Conduct
STEP 4: Read the Guild Rules and Regulations
STEP 5: Attend and Defeat one of our “Guild Sensei” in a PVP match. Defeat the Guild Sensei in one(1) of three(3) PVP matches.

WIN: You will be accepted to the Guild In-game
LOSE: You will not be accepted to the guild, but can try other “Guild Sensei’s to test yourAcceptance to the Guild

NOTE: Also all current members are required to apply in the AdventZ Guild Group here in the forums before March 1. All Members are required to make their IGNs in their profile exactly like the ones in the game. Update it everytime. After March 1, all members who haven't been able to apply in the group will be expelled...
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