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[KGC] GC Midterm Mission walkthrough

on Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:37 pm
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Hello Guys!!.. so the new event in KGC is the GC Midterm Event where you can get the permanent avatar for Serdin School rocks..

This was given to me by Snail. This helped me so I thought It deserves to be shared...
It came from a post in the NAGC Forums Source [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I do not wish to own/claim the info said above or below... I just want to share it so that many people would avail the magnificent info...

so here it is:

1. Clear Trial Forest once. Select the first chest.

2. Clear Gaikoz Castle twice. Select the third chest.

3. Bring one Refined Ruby. Select the second chest.

4. Kill four Slimes in Trial forest. Select the fourth chest.

5. Clear Orc Temple 5 times. Select the second chest.

6. Kill 100 monsters within +-2 your level. Select the fourth chest.

7. Clear Elven Forest. Select the second chest.

8. Win or lose in a PvP match. Select the first chest.

9. Bring 9 Gems. Select the fourth chest.

10. Clear Marsh of Oblivion. Select the second chest.

hope I helped... if so.. bang that like button!

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